Not Your Average Day

Not Your Average Day

Organizations supported
People inspired
Coaching trajectories completed

Resulting in higher engagement, steep learning curves and greater business results

People are key

People are your key asset for delivering business results. We believe that putting an overwhelming focus on the health, well-being and performance of your people should be the start of any successful organization.

Break the average

Nobody wins with being average - by doing what you always did you will get what you always got. We help you to do things differently - in a unique way and creating a long-lasting impact!

Progress through fun

Why working when you can play everyday? By doing something fun you will create improved engagement and speak to people in a different manner. Don't believe that "fun" can be efficient? - test us!

"Wessel's and Xander's enthusiasm is very contagious which makes you really do unusual things.
You get to know yourself and your colleagues in a fun and different way.
They use an unorthodox way which supports you really going into the deep.
An unforgettable day that you must experience!"