We are Not Your Average Day,

We are passionate about helping people and putting our skills to a greater cause – creating a working world where people feel valued, heard and engaged. Making use of our enthusiasm we pioneer our way from one challenge to the next – we push to outgrow ourselves every day, we strive to learn through fun on a daily basis,  we create the Not Your Average Day.

Xander Zonneveld

Co-Founder & The 'Creative' Guy

Wessel van den Broek

Co-Founder & The 'Make it Happen' Guy

Xander’s Your Average Intro

Xander is an enthusiastic, quick and creative thinker. He likes complex challenges and seeks solutions in changing people’s behavior. Xander likes to work on big new ideas and create strategies and concepts to make it happen. He has a proven record of starting and executing disruptive ideas from SMEs to multinationals. He is most comfortable when the challenge is vague, it involves many people and a quick solution is required. With a daring personality and disruptive perspective, he is able to lead people to new territories. His background in Architecture, Marketing and Project Management gives him an interesting profile.

Xander’s Not Your Average Intro

Character                          Optimistic, Daring, Social, Critical
Key strengths                   Strategic, Disruptive, Compassionate, Creative
Pitfalls                               Doing too many things at the same time
Dream                                Give 1 billion people more energy to follow their dreams
Interests                            Art, Cooking, Electronic music, Entrepreneurship
Keeps me awake             The next business idea / preparing speeches

Wessel’s Your Average Intro

Wessel is a driven, smart and empathic guy. He combines his talent for simplifying complexity with strong people skills. Wessel excels in understanding people’s drivers and successfully led multiple 1:1 and group coaching sessions. He is continuously on the search to break the status quo – with a track record in finance & supply chain – he successfully worked on large change management projects. Through people-driven leadership he creates the right environment to bring maximum engagement for teams resulting in successful business delivery. Now he is on the mission to make people the core of any company.

Wessel’s Not Your Average Intro

Character                          Contagious energy, Empathic, Authentic, Sharp
Key strengths                   Analytical, Compassionate, Communicative, Resilient
Pitfalls                               Choose my battles
Dream                                Transforming work to be the basis for personal fulfilment
Interests                            Old-school music, History, Travelling, People science
Keeps me awake             What is my impact?